I’m thankful for…

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In the rush and urgency of getting all my prayer requests before the throne of God, sometimes it’s helpful to stop, be still, and just be thankful.

I’m thankful for:

  • Rescue from the wrath of God (His just wrath due to my sin)
  • Access to a heavenly Father by Christ the Lord
  • The Holy Spirit who prays for me, as I don’t know best how to pray
  • The Holy Spirit’s empowering me to obey and follow Christ
  • The Scriptures — the truth and the lamp for my feet (to know what to believe and what how to live)
  • Being chosen for an eternal relationship with God
  • Provision for this life — food, clothing, shelter, and loving relationships
  • Answer to prayer — for a church home, husband, job, wisdom
  • A mom and a husband who believe
  • Friends like Barbara, Vera, and my Sunday school ladies
  • Rest when I need it
  • Discipline when I need it
  • Faithful pastors and teachers to help us know God better
  • My health and abilities
  • Favor among my various relationships (landlord, employers, coworkers, neighbors)
  • Verses like “Be anxious for nothing…” and “Cast your cares upon the Lord…”


Blessings, Giving, Jobs


Seeing yet another “tip jar” in some establishment is enough to make me want to boycott that business. Being served at a table is one thing, but feeling obligating to tip when you go through a drive through, or when you go to a counter to order is pushing the limits of what you are asking the customer to do.

One of my jobs involves busing tables and doing some clean up in a hotel. Tipping is NOT requested, nor expected (at least, I never expected it). We aren’t taking orders or bringing food to the table. Guests serve themselves from a buffet.

This morning at work, I was feeling a bit frustrated in dealing with the fast pace of the job, especially with one person short on our shift and the manager on duty having obligations in another part of the hotel. Towards the end of the shift, I received a $5 tip from a man whom I’d helped earlier. (He showed up after breakfast had ended with his two sons. They got drinks from the soda machine which is open all the time and I got the feeling they were hoping that food was still available. I was able to catch his attention before he left and tell him that we make up plates for latecomers and that he was welcome to them. I also went to the kitchen and got a couple blueberry muffins and doughnuts for them. The boys’ eyes lit up. Just a kind, sweet, polite family. They were a joy to serve).

After thanking him, I went back to my sweeping. I lost my battle in the fight to hold back tears, I was so touched by his kindness. Thankfully, I was in a quiet corner working and I don’t think anyone could see me.

After this morning, I still don’t want to see a tip jar, and I still don’t agree with establishments putting them out. However, now more than ever, I see what the gesture of a small tip can do to lighten someone’s mood and lift her spirits.

Whether someone is rude, coldly polite, or full of warm smiles, we never really know what another person is dealing with in his or her life.

patricia grace

Blessings, Wisdom

Asking, Seeking, Knocking

Technology can be wonderful. Besides daily use of internet connectivity, one of the specific services I use several times a day is Google search. Searching for a new recipe? A Google search will quickly return tons of useful recipe links. Can’t remember the definition of “facetious”? Or the spelling of it? A Google search not only returns a definition, but the algorithms involved will probably figure out what you want even if your spelling is off.

I am thankful to God for technology.

I use Google search for more philosophical questions, too. For instance, today, I’ve been feeling hesitant about asking for help. My mom has been a great help to me, but she doesn’t live nearby. I’ve come to look to my church family for some help and advice, but I am still a little reluctant to plainly and clearly ask for help. And, when I do ask, I don’t always come right out and say what it is that I’m needing. It’s embarrassing and I tend to assume that people are wondering if I really need the help. [Wow, two sins in one–both my pride and not believing the best about my Christian brothers and sisters!! Lord, please forgive me].

So, today, unsure of the next step to take, I performed a search using the words “asking for help christian”.  I entered the words exactly that way. I add the word “christian” because as one who confesses Christ,  I am not interested in worldly ideas any longer. I want specifically Biblical help. My search returned the following article which I found to be a blessing. Hope it blesses you too.

Helping Others By Asking for Help – Nehemiah Notes

After reading the article, I started to think about how I could help someone right now, even with all of my own needs piling up and threatening to bury me. I almost immediately thought of a couple I know at church that are going through hard times.

Someone gave me a restaurant gift card recently that this couple might like. This small gift isn’t going to solve their problems, but I can most certainly part with this gift card and pass it along to them, hoping it might bring a little encouragement their way. I almost sent them a message on Facebook to ask if they would like it, but thought better of that. I’m just going to put it in the mail to them, not giving them the chance to refuse it. They can use it, sell it, give it away, or do whatever they like with it.

My heart feels a little lighter already.

Thank You, Lord. Thank You for the blessing of being able to give. Thank You for the one who thought to give me that gift in the first place. Forgive my complaining and self-pity.

How can you be a help to someone today? Ask the Lord to show you if you’re not sure. And, if you KNOW someone needs help, just give them help if you’re able–don’t even ask–just do it!

Blessings to you,

patricia grace