Welcome to Gospel Wine!

The site is a place for collecting my writings about the Bible and about living as a follower of Christ. I’ve had notes from various Bible studies, sermons, and random thoughts piling up in various notebooks for a long time and thought it might be nice to have a more organized place to write.

Check out the articles, search the site, and please pardon the dust as I work out some of the kinks. I tinker with this website (along with several others) as part of my web design and web development classes, so the layout and colors of the site may change from time to time, links may stop working, and the menus are subject to change, so please pardon the digital dust as I do the experimenting and maintenance work.

sparks emitting from a power saw going through metal
Sparks fly from a saw cutting through metal

Maybe you’re interested in both Christianity and technology, too. Perhaps you have a question, suggestion, concern or would like to report an error. If so, let me know!

If you do not yet know the Lord, I pray that He may grant you the love of His Word (Ps 119:16) and the repentance that leads to life (2 Tim 2:25). There are two messages that may be very helpful to you: