Prayer Essentials 2

Back in The Essentials of Effective Prayer workbook, the next section includes Jesus’ “model prayer” or what has been called “The Lord’s Prayer” in Matthew 6:9-13. The insights mentioned are similar to what I’ve heard before; that is, that the prayer includes the elements of 1)worship, reverence, adoration, 2)declaring allegiance, 3)petition, 4) confession, 5) deliverance from temptation. The exact wording changes, but this is basically the teaching I’ve gleaned from this model prayer, that our prayers should start with worshipping and honoring God, moving to petition, and also including confession.

Well, I have a confession; I don’t often start my prayers with worship, then move to declaring allegiance, and I sometimes leave confession of sin out entirely. I wrote in a previous article that I took note how the prayer featured confession of sins, both of the one praying and those for whom he was praying (see Prayer Essentials 1). I am still rushing into my pressing needs or the needs of others. I do acknowledge God as my Father, and make mention that I know that He can do all things, but I rarely spend a lot of time praising God’s attributes.

Something still seems a little off and a little stale about my prayers. I wouldn’t be so concerned if it was just a season of lackluster praying. The thought that my prayers are lacking has gone on a long time.

I’m going to read through the workbook a bit more, but I suspect the solution is self-discipline in carving out time to pray, protecting that time (by getting up earlier to avoid distractions), and not reaching for my phone first thing upon rising in the morning. *Sigh* After being a Christian so long, my maturity level still seems awfully low.

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