Bible Reading Plans 2021

I was planning to compile a list of plans, with lots of links, but the following link on the Ligonier site is so robust that I don’t need to include so many links after all. Most of the major Bible reading plans are here, including a tool to generate your own reading plan.

For something a little different, Religious Affections ministry offers a Bible Narratives Plan.

An assortment of Bibles are available at a friend’s shop, including One Year Bible’s that are already set up for a daily reading schedule. Browse the selection or call to request a specific Bible at Truth N Treasures.

Finally, if you are able to do a Bible binge reading challenge, why not try a swift reading through the whole Bible in a month or less? I did this last year and recommend everyone do it at least once! Here’s a link to some condensed reading plans that I shared in the past.

Bible Binge Reading