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Prayer meeting

The church I’ve been attending since moving is in transition since the Pastor retired. The transitional Pastor has been warmly and faithfully teaching the Word of God, but recently someone else was called in to lead the Wed night study. He is an older man who formerly Pastored a church himself, and I am really enjoying Bible study under his teaching.

His focus has been on the subject of prayer. Tonight was a great reminder that prayer isn’t all about petition. There should be a regular amount of praise and thanksgiving in our prayers to God. All good things come from Him and He is worthy of all praise.

My prayer time has become my favorite time of day, but lately my mind wanders terribly during my devotions. I’ve had the idea to actually set up a specific time to pray each day, like an appointment. I pray in the mornings, but I’ve not been very disciplined about it. So, I’ll start with a 6am appointment and see how it goes. I’m sure that my puritan brothers and sisters in Christ would be so proud of me *smirk*

As for adding my daily food intake, I added a text widget to the sidebar to use until I come up with something else.[edit: daily diet list is on its own page now]. I am not using the self-hosted WordPress version for this blog, so I’m limited in plugins. I’ll think of another solution soon. If you have some ideas, please share!

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Daily Devotion, Jewish law

Unclean foods

~~Deuteronomy 14: 1-21~~

This passage starts with a declaration that the people of God are “sons of the LORD your God” and what follows includes some rules for how they will set themselves apart from the rest of the world.

First, there is a prohibition against making a show of mourning that is like the pagans around them who cut themselves and shave their heads a certain way. The Matthew Henry commentary explains that “this as a law against immoderate grief for the death of our relations”, since we are people who have hope in a life eternal. We sorrow, but not as the world sorrows. As the commentary explains, if our father should die, we are sorrowful, but not to the point of despair because we still have an eternal Heavenly Father who provides for His children. What a wonderful truth for those who know God!

As for the prohibition against certain foods, both this commentary and the notes from my MacArthur Bible app explain that those prohibitions, following upon verse 2 ( “For you are a people holy to the LORD your God…chosen..out of all the peoples…on the face of the earth”) , are more rules that will set the  people of God apart from their ungodly neighbors. God had a good purpose in mind in His forbidding of certain foods. From the Henry commentary:

“…to be intended as a mark of peculiarity; for their observance of it would cause them to be taken notice of in all mixed companies as a separate people, and would preserve them from mingling themselves with, and conforming themselves to, their idolatrous neighbours.”

We are reminded in Henry’s commentary that “It is plain in the law itself that they belonged only to the Jews, and were not moral, nor of perpetual use, because not of universal obligation…” and he reminds us of  1 Timothy 4:4 which tells us “For everything created by God is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving…”  Praise the Lord for the ability to enjoy all foods with thanksgiving!

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Daily Devotion, Jobs

Seek Ye First…

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. Matthew 6:33

…do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. Philippians 4:6

I’m finding much comfort in these words today, and praying the Lord make the teaching go deep into my heart.

I’ve been feeling unsettled (anxious) about my school work. The Lord has granted me to have my classes and books paid for by a grant made to my college, the purpose of that grant being to get adults who are unemployed or underemployed into gainful employment. However, the program in which I’m currently taking part is an accelerated one, where semester long classes are condensed into just a few weeks. I am struggling against fear, doubt, and pride since I am not able to learn to the concepts as quickly as the other students.

I want to have my own place again and to have a job that allows me to pay my own bills without depending on others, and I know that working and supporting yourself is good and Biblical. We’re called to work. To be diligent. To not be slothful. To be thankful to God for the ability to work and make wealth. Wanting to work is a good desire, but I have succumbed to the temptation to leave off my devotions and plunge into schoolwork each day, fearing that opportunities for work will pass me by if I don’t learn enough and become skillful enough before our applications for internships begin in a few weeks. The results have been disastrous spiritually.

A retreat with the ladies from my church this past weekend, has set me back on firm footing. Well, not the retreat, but the Lord, of course, has done this kindness. I almost backed out of it, since when I had agreed to go weeks ago, I didn’t realize I’d have so much trouble with my schooling. For three days, I determined to spend time getting to know the ladies and being still before the Lord. I came away with a fresh sense of God’s forgiveness and mercy, but now I have a project due at school and am struggling against fear and anxiety.

But, the Lord says that He will provide for His children. I’m not presuming on His grace by trusting in His provision. I will work hard and be diligent in my studies, but by His grace, I will not leave off spending time with the Lord again! I will seek Him first, trusting in Him to direct my steps and to be my Provider. Lord, grant me to learn what I need to learn. May I not get into the snare of the fear of man and let my pride get the best of me. May I ask questions when I don’t understand, and not try to appear to know more than I do, but rather to trust You with all of the outcomes.