Daily posts

In an attempt to get into the habit of daily postings, I’ve decided to post the insights I’ve learned from time in God’s Word. As I read through the Scriptures, I plan to write out here, what God has taught me (or reminded me) from the study of His Word. I add that bit about “or reminded me” because I seem to forget important concepts so quickly! My prayer is writing down the insights electronically will aid in remembering what I’ve learned, also, because it will be easier to search on those insights later by adding tags and categories to my postings, rather than trying to flip through pages of a notebook.

I’m not abandoning pen and paper, however. I love stationery in general, and love the look of a fresh new page in a pretty journal. I write down notes first, before coming here–there’s less distractions that way. As a computer science student, I get side-tracked very easily when turning to the computer, because there’s always something I need to learn how to do and I sometimes forget why I turned the computer on in the first place! There’s another benefit, too. I’m not only typing my insights here, but I’ve written them in a notebook, too, which will hopefully aid in memorizing what I’ve learned. And, if one thing is destroyed, I’ve got a copy elsewhere.

There’s something about that fresh, blank page in a notebook that is so refreshing and hopeful. Perhaps it’s a reminder that His mercies are new every morning (BibleGateway Lam 3:22-24) and that fresh page is a reminder that because of the steadfast love of the Lord, I am not utterly cut off. My fine has been paid; God has not overlooked my sin, as a corrupt judge, but as a Righteous Judge, He has made certain that my sins were punished–He paid the penalty Himself in His own Dear Son. And He is pleased to look on Him and pardon me.

Have you been forgiven? How do you know?

I hope that you enjoy connecting with me here. I plan to turn on comments for each daily posting on what I’ve learned from God’s Word, so please share your own insights with me. And, like a Berean (BibleGateway Acts 17:10-11), be sure to call me out if you think I’ve missed the mark!!


patricia grace