Prayer meeting

The church I’ve been attending since moving is in transition since the Pastor retired. The transitional Pastor has been warmly and faithfully teaching the Word of God, but recently someone else was called in to lead the Wed night study. He is an older man who formerly Pastored a church himself, and I am really enjoying Bible study under his teaching.

His focus has been on the subject of prayer. Tonight was a great reminder that prayer isn’t all about petition. There should be a regular amount of praise and thanksgiving in our prayers to God. All good things come from Him and He is worthy of all praise.

My prayer time has become my favorite time of day, but lately my mind wanders terribly during my devotions. I’ve had the idea to actually set up a specific time to pray each day, like an appointment. I pray in the mornings, but I’ve not been very disciplined about it. So, I’ll start with a 6am appointment and see how it goes. I’m sure that my puritan brothers and sisters in Christ would be so proud of me *smirk*

As for adding my daily food intake, I added a text widget to the sidebar to use until I come up with something else.[edit: daily diet list is on its own page now]. I am not using the self-hosted WordPress version for this blog, so I’m limited in plugins. I’ll think of another solution soon. If you have some ideas, please share!

Merry Christmas,