Lord, there are many in my life who are struggling in their relationships. Marriages are falling apart all around me, including my own. You can be glorified in bringing these people together, can’t You Lord? Please hear my plea–it is inadequate, but I come to You knowing that nothing is too hard for You.

First, I ask as I have many times that You would do a work of grace in the heart of my husband. May our marriage not be eternally severed. I thank You that I am content to be single, however. That is a gift from You and I praise You for helping me, so needy, to be content in this way.

It has come to mind that a cousin is going through a divorce. You already know the situation, Lord. They have a child Lord. Please, mend their relationships. Grant them repentance and new hearts. Of supreme importance is their relationship with Christ. Would You reconcile them to You through faith in Your Son, the King? And then bring them back to one another? For Your glory and for the sake of the child? That she may grow up with a mom and dad who love You and love one another? Please grant this request. You have all wisdom and know the best thing to do, so I thank You for what You are doing in their lives. Forgive them.

My dear friend is struggling in another relationship–You know all Lord. You know that she has been through so many trials, and now is living with her biological father, who did not raise her. There is tension and irritation in their relationship, Lord. Lord, I pray, first, that they would both be born again and know You fully. Once they know You, then You grant Your Spirit to live in them, working in them what is pleasing to You. You love Your creation loving one another, so I pray that they would grow in You, then their relationship will be full of love, respect, and kindness. Please soften the heart of this man–he’s involved in a “church” that teaches prosperity and the power of our own voice, rather than relying on YOUR WORD, and submitting to it. Grant him discernment, please, Lord, and lead him to worship in a place where truth where is spoken. I pray that they might worship together.

I pray you would bless the marriage of my mom and step-dad. May they spend their time in a manner that is pleasing to You, respecting and honoring one another, and not taking one another for granted. May she respect her husband and may he cherish her, according to Your word, Lord, and not be hard towards her when she isn’t feeling well, and may she bear with him in his habits and mannerisms. Thank You for their kindness to me and to all people. Thank You for the gentleness they have shown to me and others, especially now in my time of need when I didn’t have a place to┬álive.

  • My marriage
  • My cousin’s marriage
  • My dear friend and her Dad
  • My parents

I give these relationships up to You. You already know what You will do and I thank You that we can rely on Your wisdom and not lean to our own understanding. Please mend, Lord. Amen.