Saved. Again!

Once again, the Lord has rescued me from destruction. The darkness has lifted and I am trusting in Him. I received a message from my Pastor’s wife, expressing her concern for me. She thought I might be ill. The tears broke and I was sobbing uncontrollably. I replied to her that I was not physically ill but that I was not well and that I didn’t even know what to pray for. She reiterated that many were praying for me and that she would continue to do so as well.  That was this past Monday.

Another friend came by after church the day before that (the 2nd Sunday I’ve missed). It was touching and I did appreciate the visit, but at the time I didn’t change my feelings toward God. It was a comfort to know that people care, especially since I live almost 30 miles from my church and about that distance or more from the homes of my friends from church.

It’s finally settling in that the Lord loves me and wants me to trust Him, even when circumstances appear grim.  We can see the theme of God’s wisdom outshining man’s understanding over and over again.

In reading through the Bible this year, I’ve once again begun in Genesis.  I read about Abraham and Sarah and understand their lapses into error. God had promised Abraham a son, but the years were rolling on and Sarah and Abraham began to think they could figure things out themselves, sort of move along God’s plan–maybe jump start it a bit.

Disaster. We are living in the consequences of that decision, even today.

I don’t have any clear direction from the Lord, other than general principles: love my neighbor as myself, pay my debts, keep working and don’t be idle, keep trusting, keep asking, seeking, knocking…

My circumstances haven’t changed, but I will rest in the Lord, trusting in His goodness, His guidance, His grace and mercy, His power, His provision, and His wisdom.

In His Grace,

patricia grace