Songs of the Faith – January 2021

Hymn Title: Revive Us Again

Author: W.P. Mackay

1 We praise thee, O God, for the Son of thy love,
for Jesus who died, and is now gone above.

Hallelujah! Thine the glory, hallelujah! Amen!
Hallelujah! Thine the glory, revive us again.

2 We praise thee, O God, for thy Spirit of light
who has shown us our Savior and scattered our night. [Refrain]

3 We praise thee, O God, for the joy thou hast giv’n
to thy saints in communion, these foretastes of heav’n. [Refrain]

4 Revive us again, fill each heart with thy love.
May each soul be rekindled with fire from above. [Refrain]

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I’ve been praying with a group of folks from all over the world for revival and for the Lord to manifest his glory in the nations. For much of the year, my prayers were lacking in passion. I sincerely prayed for revival, but while I had agreed to set aside some time every Saturday in 2020 to pray, I didn’t always prioritize that time. However, when the prayer initiative moved to an online format, I had the joy of meeting dear saints from near and far and it has helped to invigorate my prayer life. I’m still not where I need to be. I am still too lazy and too easily distracted when it comes to prayer, but I trust the LORD will complete His good work in me! We are still praying for revival. We believe the Lord is shaking the nations. Lord, revive us again!