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  • What I *Won’t* Do in the New Year

    It’s the time for New Year’s Resolutions, which usually includes something you want to DO in the New Year. For now, I’ve formulated a list of actions that I want to keep from doing instead. Chasing Sleep Although sleeping too much is definitely something that I want to avoid, that’s not exactly what I mean […]

  • Stumbling and Crying

    Well, barely five days into the New Year and I blew a resolution. Not surprising, I suppose, for me or anyone else on the planet. Still feels awful. It began when I had to get gas on Sunday. I needed to go inside to use the ATM to get cash for my tithe, instead of just paying […]

  • Good Intentions; Drive By Dinner

    Well, I started the New Year with some extra time to work on this blog, and had grand plans about my first postings.  Then, sickness happened. Thursday night I began to cough and get a scratchy throat. By the time I got home after work today, I couldn’t keep warm. We can make our plans, […]