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  • Trials and Testings

    The latest trial involves a needed home repair. A few days ago, I noticed a puddle in the yard near the septic tank. Oh no. A sinking feeling in my stomach began. My husband didn’t really know what to do. I don’t know about septic systems (or electricity or plumbing, etc) and I had expected […]

  • Be a Barnabus

    If TV commercials were any indication of our normal, everyday life then we would all be having a warm, loving, fun Christmas season filled with good food, laughter, the excitement of shopping and the expectation of gifts. For someone struggling, the Christmas holiday can feel like a burdensome task of trying to make merry when […]

  • Falling Away

    Faith feeling wobbly? Concerned that your walk with Christ isn’t what it should be? Are you easily daunted, easily falling away from Christ when trials come? Wobbly, weak, falling away, easily daunted…all of these described me for years. If you struggle with the same issues, then please listen to these teachings from Living Waters/Way of […]