Falling Away

Faith feeling wobbly? Concerned that your walk with Christ isn't what it should be? Are you easily daunted, easily falling away from Christ when trials come? Wobbly, weak, falling away, easily daunted...all of these described me for years. If you struggle with the same issues, then please listen to these teachings from Living Waters/Way of … Continue reading Falling Away


My church has no formal setup for discipleship. I am so lonely and in so much need of help, wisdom, and instruction. The especially frustrating part is that many in my church are older, seasoned Christians, no longer raising children and no longer holding formal jobs. As my 2nd job has me working many Sundays, … Continue reading Discipling


My friend's sister became a new mom just a few days after Christmas.  She delivered a baby boy four months premature, while visiting in-laws out of state. Her and her husband are still with the husband's family as of today. There has been an outpouring of support for them by friends and family. I've been … Continue reading #EthanStrong