Category: Cultural and Current Events

Essays about applying the Word of God to our modern world and current events.

  • The Myth of “Black Community”

    I’m sharing this article titled “The Myth of ‘Black Community‘” from Darrell Harrison’s blog – Just Thinking…For Myself.

  • Hypocritical Inconsistency

    Some folks: We need to allow women the option to terminate their pregnancies if it will negatively affect them economically. What kind of life could that child have in a poor family? Same folks now: Reopen the country??! What?!?! Are you valuing the economy over human life???!! Sure, some will suffer, but you don’t want…

  • Irregularities

    I began this blog not long after becoming a Christian. As a new Christian, some of the earliest posts display my immaturity. (Maybe some recent ones, too!) A while back I deleted some of those posts as I was cringing upon rereading them. I started to do the same with my social media postings. Now,…