I began this blog not long after becoming a Christian. As a new Christian, some of the earliest posts display my immaturity. (Maybe some recent ones, too!) A while back I deleted some of those posts as I was cringing upon rereading them. I started to do the same with my social media postings.

Now, however, I’ve decided to leave things as they are. I am in a process of sanctification and it’s been good to read some immature posts to remind myself of how far the Lord has brought has me and how He is being faithful to change me (Phil 1:6).

So, if you read any of the older posts or find me on social media and have issue with anything you read, please keep my ongoing sanctification in mind. If ANY posts contain what you think is a doctrinal error, please contact me! Doctrines such as the divinity of Jesus Christ and His being the only Savior are not up for debate, but as a Christian I’m called to maintain a teachable spirit, so I’m open for correction, dear saints.

My postings have been irregular too, and I am hoping to change that pattern and post at least once a week.

Blessings to you,
Patricia Grace