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  • Paul Washer on Prayer

    In my continuing study on prayer, I thought I’d share what I gleaned from a video that I happened upon. I found an excellent video on my YouTube feed with Paul Washer speaking about prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit of Christ. As best I can tell, he was speaking here at a […]

  • Prayer

    I borrowed a book from our church library titled “LORD Teach Me to Pray in 28 Days” by Kay Arthur. In an effort to get back into regular blog posting, I decided to post what I glean from reading through the book. Like many of Kay’s book, this one is designed for either personal or […]

  • I’m thankful for…

    In the rush and urgency of getting all my prayer requests before the throne of God, sometimes it’s helpful to stop, be still, and just be thankful. I’m thankful for: Rescue from the wrath of God (His just wrath due to my sin) Access to a heavenly Father by Christ the Lord The Holy Spirit […]