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Seek Ye First…

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. Matthew 6:33

…do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. Philippians 4:6

I’m finding much comfort in these words today, and praying the Lord make the teaching go deep into my heart.

I’ve been feeling unsettled (anxious) about my school work. The Lord has granted me to have my classes and books paid for by a grant made to my college, the purpose of that grant being to get adults who are unemployed or underemployed into gainful employment. However, the program in which I’m currently taking part is an accelerated one, where semester long classes are condensed into just a few weeks. I am struggling against fear, doubt, and pride since I am not able to learn to the concepts as quickly as the other students.

I want to have my own place again and to have a job that allows me to pay my own bills without depending on others, and I know that working and supporting yourself is good and Biblical. We’re called to work. To be diligent. To not be slothful. To be thankful to God for the ability to work and make wealth. Wanting to work is a good desire, but I have succumbed to the temptation to leave off my devotions and plunge into schoolwork each day, fearing that opportunities for work will pass me by if I don’t learn enough and become skillful enough before our applications for internships begin in a few weeks. The results have been disastrous spiritually.

A retreat with the ladies from my church this past weekend, has set me back on firm footing. Well, not the retreat, but the Lord, of course, has done this kindness. I almost backed out of it, since when I had agreed to go weeks ago, I didn’t realize I’d have so much trouble with my schooling. For three days, I determined to spend time getting to know the ladies and being still before the Lord. I came away with a fresh sense of God’s forgiveness and mercy, but now I have a project due at school and am struggling against fear and anxiety.

But, the Lord says that He will provide for His children. I’m not presuming on His grace by trusting in His provision. I will work hard and be diligent in my studies, but by His grace, I will not leave off spending time with the Lord again! I will seek Him first, trusting in Him to direct my steps and to be my Provider. Lord, grant me to learn what I need to learn. May I not get into the snare of the fear of man and let my pride get the best of me. May I ask questions when I don’t understand, and not try to appear to know more than I do, but rather to trust You with all of the outcomes.

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Seeing yet another “tip jar” in some establishment is enough to make me want to boycott that business. Being served at a table is one thing, but feeling obligating to tip when you go through a drive through, or when you go to a counter to order is pushing the limits of what you are asking the customer to do.

One of my jobs involves busing tables and doing some clean up in a hotel. Tipping is NOT requested, nor expected (at least, I never expected it). We aren’t taking orders or bringing food to the table. Guests serve themselves from a buffet.

This morning at work, I was feeling a bit frustrated in dealing with the fast pace of the job, especially with one person short on our shift and the manager on duty having obligations in another part of the hotel. Towards the end of the shift, I received a $5 tip from a man whom I’d helped earlier. (He showed up after breakfast had ended with his two sons. They got drinks from the soda machine which is open all the time and I got the feeling they were hoping that food was still available. I was able to catch his attention before he left and tell him that we make up plates for latecomers and that he was welcome to them. I also went to the kitchen and got a couple blueberry muffins and doughnuts for them. The boys’ eyes lit up. Just a kind, sweet, polite family. They were a joy to serve).

After thanking him, I went back to my sweeping. I lost my battle in the fight to hold back tears, I was so touched by his kindness. Thankfully, I was in a quiet corner working and I don’t think anyone could see me.

After this morning, I still don’t want to see a tip jar, and I still don’t agree with establishments putting them out. However, now more than ever, I see what the gesture of a small tip can do to lighten someone’s mood and lift her spirits.

Whether someone is rude, coldly polite, or full of warm smiles, we never really know what another person is dealing with in his or her life.

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Countdown to Crazy

Applied to another low paid hotel job. But, this one has hours that are very early. May be able to do it in addition to my present self-employed work. Combined, the bills might just be paid.

Otherwise, I’m probably gonna lose it. May lose it anyway! I don’t want to be a burden to anyone. I want to make my own way, pay my own bills. Had to apply for foodstamps recently. I don’t think there’s any shame in needed a helping hand, but it just seems like we should be able to help one another….family to family, friend to friend, churchmember to churchmember, rather than relying on a bloated gov’t program, that may or may not be efficiently run.

Dear Lord, help me please. I freely admit that I am a weak idiot. I need real help.